AIEA Continuing Professional Development


The Association requires each member of the AIEA to attain 25 'Continuing Professional Development' (CPD) points annually. This is reduced to 12 for remote members.


A new member will gain acceptance as a professional member of the AIEA by demonstrating that he/she:  

  • Can display expertise in one or more of the AIEA accredited positions (CEO, FC, BDM, etc.)  
  • Is prepared to accept interim assignments 
  • Can maintain the requisite annual 25 points (Continuing Professional Development) 

The member is responsible for maintaining his/her CPD records and, by renewing the annual membership, attests that the 25 CPD points have been attained over the previous twelve months.  


Ongoing CPD activity will be credited at the rate of one point for each hour of accredited CPD activity. This accredited activity will include:  

  • Attending AIEA functions. If the member resides more than 50km from the regularly held functions, the annual CPD requirement is reduced from 25 to 12.
  • Attending conferences, seminars and training courses that are directly relevant to the Members professional development 
  • Providing pro-bono services through the AIEA scheme 
  • Reading of books, newsletters, white papers, etc. that are directly relevant to the Members' professional development 
  • Writing and publishing articles and books that are relevant to the member's profession
  • Obtaining additional formal qualifications over the course of the year  

The CPD requirement may be subject to random audit. A membership that does not meet the CPD requirement will be suspended or cancelled, at the Membership Committee’s judgement. 

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Copyright © 2021 Australasian Interim Executive Association Pty Ltd