How to cancel your monthly PayPal payments


Only you can cancel your payments as you set up a monthly renewing membership on PayPal. You will have to cancel it in PayPal. Here’s how to do it –

    1. Log in on the AIEA website.
    2. Open your Profile
    3. Edit Profile
    4. Stop Recurring Payments

This leads you into your PayPal website

    1. Log into PayPal Account
    2. Click ‘Settings’ (the wheel symbol next to ‘Log Out’ icon)
    3. Payments – on blue menu ribbon on top of screen
    4. Automated Payments
    5. ‘Manage Auto Pays’
    6. Tick on ‘Show Active’
    7. Click – on the organisation name being cancelled
    8. Press ‘Cancel’
    9. Confirm

If you are cancelling your membership, nothing else needs to be done.


If you are converting to another membership plan, go back to your AIEA Profile and click on Membership Level Change.

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Copyright © 2021 Australasian Interim Executive Association Pty Ltd