Connecting with Mal


In the typical week, I receive a dozen or more requests to meet. They come from people who

    • Want to know more about AIEA. Disappointingly, many ask for information that is easily found on the website. 
    • Ask where they would fit in it at AIEA
    • Want to add me to their contacts
    • Are looking for their next role
    • Have been retrenched and want to be told what to do
    • Think that AIEA could benefit from their product or service
    • Want to explore a side hustle opportunity
    • Are seeking some general mentoring

Obviously, I can’t accommodate them all and needed a system to prioritize their requests. This page is to explain my system (which is under continual development). The options you have are

  1. The best way to meet us, and many other interesting people, is to book into one of the AIEA networking events. You are assured of making some great contacts
  3. Take out the monthly membership to see what we deliver to AIEA members. You can cancel it anytime so $38 is a small amount to invest
  5. If you think it’s necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with me, you can book me here. You will see that I prioritize the AIEA members, but it is open to all who value my time as much as I do.




Mal Walker Chairman  

Australasian Interim Executive Association


Direct: 0447 394 247

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