Intergeneration Powerhouse


Australia is expected to change dramatically over the next 20 years. Not only will there be more of us but we will live longer and stay healthy for longer. This is good news but it creates other demands – and opportunities.


One of them is in how we sustain ourselves financially and mentally. The old model of retiring at 65 and living off savings and pensions is in decline and will continue to be, particularly as life expectancy edges from 80 to 90 as projected over the next 30 years.


We will want to work longer but automation and technology disruption will also put pressure on the roles filled by many mature workers. And then there is the role of the young who are concerned at their prospects in a changing workforce and the high cost of supporting an ageing population through the traditional model.


Combined, this is a recipe for cross-generational tension. It can also be a recipe for cross-generational magic with opportunities for the young and the old. What are we doing about it?


Intergeneration Partnerships


AIEA is partnering with QUT and a number of other corporate entities to foster environments where young entrepreneurs can forge working partnerships with mature, experienced business people to develop practical, working products and services. 


AIEA members are invited to bring their expertise and act as mentors, collaborators and, in some cases, as equity partners.


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