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190505 NED, Fairhaven, Godford

190403 Chair, Good Things Foundation, Sydney

190315 NED, P%Cs QLD, Brisbane

190224, NED, Mary Valley Rattler, Gympie

190131 NED, Cherish Foundation, Brisbane

190131 NED, Muscular Dystrophy, Adelaide

190127 NED, WCIG, Melbourne

190125 NED, Multitask, Lismore

190119 NED, UQ Union, Brisbane

181206 NED, Brisbane Women’s Club, Brisbane

181202 NED, Food Bank, Brisbane

181201 NED, ADEC, Melbourne

181109 NED, Eidos Institute, Brisbane

181022 NED (Treasurer), Outer Urban Projects, Melbourne

181007 NED, Climate for Change, Australia

181004 NED, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, Sydney

180921 NED, Limbs 4 Life, Australia

180917 NED (Treasurer), Brave New World Theatre Co, Sydney

180916 NED, Jarrah House, Sydney

180915 NED, Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, Sunshine Coast

180913 NED Company Secretary, The Right Direction, Canberra

180903 NED, Cram Foundation, Shellharbour

180828 NED, Carer Support, Adelaide

180819 NED, LogiKal Projects, Sydney

180810 NED, Multicultural Communities Council, Gold Coast

180731 NED, Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton

180723 NED, Guide Dogs, Brisbane

180723 NED, So Brave, Brisbane

180723 NED, Australian Breastfeeding Association, Melbourne

180630 NED, Down Syndrome Queensland, Brisbane

180621 NED, Football Queensland, Brisbane

160615 NED, Belconnen Community Service, Canberra

180601 NED, SBH QLD, Brisbane

180531 Chairman, Girl Guises WA, Perth

180517 NED, Playgroup SA, Adelaide

180511 Executive Director, Kyabra Community, Brisbane 

180503 NED, Anglicare, Rockhampton

180420 NED, AEIOU, Brisbane

171222 Mentors of NED Candidates, WiT, Brisbane

171219 NED, Karingal St Laurence, Geelong

171218 NED, Foodbank, Brisbane

171215 NED, Tenants Victoria, Melbourne

171214 Finance NED, Anchor, Melbourne

171211 NED, Foodbank QLD, Brisbane

171211 NED, INCH Housing, Brisbane

171208 NED, William Campbell Foundation, Kiama

171126 NED, Multitask Human Resource Foundation Lld, Lismore

171120 Global Project Manager, SMART Recovery Australia, Sydney

171119 NED, May Gibbs Nutcote Trust, Sydney

171117 NED, SBH Qld Inc, Brisbane

171110 NED, Rosebank College, Sydney

171017 NED, ME/CFS Australia, Perth

171012 NED, Lively (Life Experience Enterprises Ltd), Melbourne

171012 NED, Community Options Australia, Sydney

171011 Management Committee Member, South West Sydney Legal Centre

171009 Company Secretary, Rare Voices Australia, Online

170930 NED, MWLP, Sydney

170901 NED, Latrobe Community Health Service, Morwell

170828 NED - Events, Human and Hope Association, National

170828 NED, Mental Illness Fellowship of WA, Perth

179828 NED, Northside Community Forum Ltd, Sydney

170826 HR Manager, Ondru, Melbourne

170811 NED, YouthReach, Melbourne

170807 NED, Wilderness Society, Teleconference

170804 NED, Softball SA, Adelaide

170731 NED, Athletics ACT, Canberra

170727 NED, Transport Heritage NSW, Sydney

170726 Treasurer, Creative Glass Guild of Queensland, Brisbane

170723 NED, Squash & Racquetball Victoria, Melbourne

170712 Annual Report Editor, Diaspora Action, Melbourne

170711 NED Treasurer, Anchor, Melbourne

170706 Treasurer, NPA QLD, Brisbane

170705 NED, Cambodian Kids Can, Melbourne

170630 NED, disAbilityLiving, Adelaide

170630 Small Business Trainer, Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) - Samoa

170628 NED, Queen of Hearts Community Foundation, Sydney


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Discover more about Our membership plans.

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