Conducting a Zoom Meeting, Webinar or Workshop as an AIEA Online Event


You can conduct an array of online events from the comfort of your own home. Here's what you need to have in place:

  1. Format: Is it a Webinar, a Meeting, a Training Course or a Workshop?
  2. Date and Time
  3. Duration: Will it be 30 minutes in length, one hour or perhaps 90 minutes?
  4. Title of the event
  5. Description: What is the content and how will the audience benefit
  6. About the Presenter: A speaker's bio for inclusion on the Events page. Include a head-and-shoulders photo of the presenter.
  7. Pricing: Is the event free entry or have a ticket cost? Is it one price for AIEA members and a higher price for non-members? AIEA can collect the fees through its payments gateway. 10% will be retained to cover overheads like the Paypal fee and 90% will be remitted to you.
  8. Event Notes: If you have notes of copies of the presentation slides, will you email them later or have them on your website? 
  9. Lead Time: We like to program events at least a month out so we can get the publicity in place. That way, it will be included in the monthly newsletter as an integral part of the promotion.

Email all these details as a Word document so we can cut-and-paste it into our system. Then we're good-to-go. We will set it up under the Zoom account. For Zoom tips, go to Manage your participants.


Being the Speaker or MC at an AIEA Location Event


One of the benefits of an AIEA membership is the opportunity to be the Guest Speaker or MC at an AIEA event. Each activity provides a great boost to the public profile of the member.

All the monthly events feature a guest speaker and, where possible, it is a member of AIEA. Because the AIEA membership is such a rich pool of talent, we rarely have to resort to outside presenters and we've never had to pay a speaker fee. You will see this reflected in the Guest Speaker Honour Board which records all the previous presenters. The presenter will provide - 

    • The title of the presentation
    • A description of the presentation
    • A head-and-shoulders photo
    • A speaker's bio for inclusion on the Events page

The presentation should be around 30 minutes long (+/- 10 minutes) and allow time for questions.


A run sheet (order of service) will be provided by AIEA.


Each of the presentation locations are equipped for AV presentations. It is the speaker's responsibility to ensure that his/her equipment is compatible.


Both the Speaker and the MC will be given a copy of the booking sheet which shows the name, phone and email of each attendee (member or non-member).


Remember to book yourself (and your guests) in at the member rate.


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