Prepare to Thrive in the COVID-19 Decade


We all know that this world in which we do business has changed forever. There will be be new ways of doing business and new business models will emerge. One thing is for sure - technology will underline everything we do.

Interim Managers will fare better than their corporate employee counterparts, because they have already developed a flexible business approach. As AIEA members, we can take advantage of the resources we already possess whilst continuously seeking new skills and opportunities.


What are your currently available resources?

  1. Make sure you have opted-in to be a Featured Member. We know that some interesting paid assignment have arisen from employers scanning through this free facility.
  2. In tomorrow's world, it will be very unwise to limit yourself to only one source of income. The Community of the Third Way (also free to members) will give you the tools to build your second and subsequent income streams. If you already have your 'side hustle' in place, perhaps you could be a mentor.
  3. The Member Sourced Resources facility gives you an additional platform to market your products and services.
  4. Take advantage of the marketing funnels and follow up functions we offer members.
  5. Make sure you take advantage of the weekly Zoom Coffee Meets. It is a very pleasant way to spend a Tuesday morning and strengthens your business links with your fellow members.
  6. The Member Smartphone App lets you look-up and contact your fellow members. To be a part of the business network, make sure you have opted-in and have installed the app on your phone.
  7. Under development is a Hot Links facility to enable you to display a link here to the landing page of your choice.


These are great resources. Make sure you use them.

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Copyright © 2021 Australasian Interim Executive Association Pty Ltd