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A Perfect Storm?

29 January 11.05 AM Mike Noone (Administrator)

If you've ever watched the film "The Perfect Storm" you'll know when multiple forces all collide at the same spot, that the effects are devastating.


The Andrea Gail was a long line, marlin fishing boat that sank in the Atlantic after being hit by massive waves. The crew were experienced and used to the huge seas of the Atlantic ocean.


And it's a useful metaphor for what is going on in the world right now.


People are navigating their way into the online market because they see that's where the catch is.


Business is we knew it is no longer certain. Face to face meetings may be shut down at any time.


With no warning.


Unfortunately most businesses and business owners are steering a passage straight into the red ocean. And it's called the red ocean because it's filled with the blood of businesses that died or were slaughtered there.


Business owners are taking advice from self proclaimed gurus and mainstream media.


And while that advice is relevant ... it's incomplete.


18 January 11.05 AM Mike Noone (Administrator)

What happens when the value of every global currency goes to zero?
Alasdair Macleod- British economist


While the above comment from Alasdair MacLeod seems quite unthinkable, when you look at things from a historical perspective it is actually quite likely. Historically there has never been a monetary system that has lasted much more than around 40 years. Yet here we are, with the fiat dollar system having just passed its 50th birthday, last August.


It was on August 15, 1971, that Richard Nixon "temporarily" suspended the backing of the US dollar with gold.


Outflows of the reserve metal had accelerated as faith in the US currency diminished. Signatories to the Bretton Woods, agreement had been exchanging their US dollar reserves for gold, led by French President Charles De Gaulle who complained of the USA's exorbitant privilege. ie: Their ability to print the global reserve currency. United States gold reserves had declined from 20,000 tons at the beginning of the Breton Woods agreement to less than 9,000 tons.

The Wizards of Oz &  AIEA's Plans To Help

15 January 11.05 AM Mike Noone (Administrator)

In the film the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says to her little dog, "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto."


The book that the film was based on was a metaphor for the banking system. The yellow brick road was about having a gold backed currency. Having a currency that couldn't just be increased by pressing a button and printing millions of pieces of paper. Or, as is the case now printing 1s and 0s on a computer ledger.


There are people behind the curtain and they are devaluing the purchasing power of your currency by printing obscene amounts of it. Now, you probably refer to currency as "money" but what you have in your bank account fails to meet what is probably the most important qualities of money...

16 Nov 2020 12:22 PM Mike Noone (Administrator)

First off I need to warn you that this is not the standard post you get from AIEA... It used to be that the number one thing we get asked is, "How do I get a job, a role, a contract or whatever you want to call it?" But we are in a different world. A different economy. A new "normal." And like it or not, you have been and will be forced, to change many aspects of how you live and work.

12 Sep 2020 11:20 AM Mal Walker (Administrator)

Many of you will know that I had a Triple Bypass on August 27th. Here’s what happened: I went to bed around 10:30pm on the Saturday night (the 22nd) but couldn’t get to sleep due to heartburn. Now, I don’t usually suffer from heartburn or reflux, so I had Mylanta (three times) and big glasses of soda water (twice). Nothing was working and at 4am I decided to call the ambulance.

The paramedics were there in eleven minutes. A blur of blood pressure, pulse, ECG, and family heart history ensued, then these two lovely ladies decided I needed to go to hospital. They must have thought it was serious because they called for backup and a cardiac specialist paramedic met us outside my home to confirm the plan.

My Superpower is Autism But Will You Still Hire Me?

18 Aug 2020 1:00 PM  Taiss Quartapa (Administrator)

Some time back, in a different decade, I was working at a company that had a very strict dress code. You might remember the time, the blue suit, white shirt, blue tie, black shoes, short cut hair and clean-shaven face.

But there was no mention of socks. So I set about making a point of wearing the most colourful outlandish socks, the focus of my rebellion. I had purchased several different pairs at one time and just simply grabbed them out of the washing basket once clean, however they came.

With my need to push back against rules satisfied and largely ignored, the socks grew more distinctive over time and a reputation formed. However, it was not the one I had expected.

14 Aug 2020 2:58 PM Bruce Douglas (Administrator)

“You’re too old, what would you know” is a comment that I hear occasionally.

And it is true that I am at the “mature” end of the spectrum.

But to quote the Australian Interim Executives Association (of which I am a Fellow) – “Experience is not something you can Google” (

CEO’s need to sign off on most strategies. CEO’s are usually around my age and are inclined to believe and relate to someone their age with 20+ years of experience doing strategies for...

9 Aug 2020 1:41 PM Mal Walker (Administrator)

9 Aug 2020 1:41 PMMal Walker (Administrator)

Most organisations have been significantly affected by Coronavirus but the Australasian Interim Executive Association is one of the fortunate few. Being a virtual entity, with no physical offices, we were already a 100% online organisation.

9 Aug 2020 1:41 PMMal Walker (Administrator)

Most organisations have been significantly affected by Coronavirus but the Australasian Interim Executive Association is one of the fortunate few. Being a virtual entity, with no physical offices, we were already a 100% online organisation.

28 Apr 2020 7:57 AM Anonymous

Written by Don McKenzie, Managing Director, Adizes Institute Australia

What I would like to share is not new, and it is not something specifically related to the current pandemic grinding the world to a halt. Some businesses, organizations, even family units, and countries sadly won’t survive. Some, however, will not only survive, but will thrive. What's the difference between the two?

The answer, as usual, is clear as day in nature and summarised best by Charles Darwin 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one...

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